We Deliver Solutions with Value in Different Industries and Markets.

We take on the global challenges of the industries in which we participate, where the combination of sustainable growth, economic performance and quality of life has become the main axis of development for modern societies.

Anasac Chile

Produces and commercializes technical solutions for agricultural, livestock and forestry sectors for Chilean and international markets.


Produces and markets solutions for agriculture, garden and home, and Environmental Located in the region of La Plata, Argentina.


Commercializes solutions for the agriculture, garden and home, and environmental health sectors. Located in Lima, Peru.

Anasac Colombia

Colombian company located in Bogota. Commercializes solutions for agriculture, lawn & garden, pets, and pest control.

Anasac México

Mexican company based in Mexico City. Commercializes solutions for the agricultural sector.

Anasac internacional

Responsible for the global business development of Anasac Crop Protection.

Longyou East Anasac

Located in Longyou, China. It´s the company responsible for supplying phytosanitary products to different markets.

Anasac Ambiental

Produces and commercializes solutions for pets, gardens and green areas, urban and agro-industrial pest control.


Company located in Quillota, Chile. Dedicated to the production and commercialization of biological pest control.


Company located in the VII region in Chile. Provides specialized services for mechanized harvesting and transportation of agricultural products.


Company located in Santiago, Chile. Dedicated to develop and manufacture hygiene & disinfection products for medical, industrial and retail areas.