We meet the needs of a changing, globalized and interconnected agriculture.

We are fully focused on meeting new global needs and challenges, driven by an increased world food demand, greater food security requirements and the effects of climate change. We invest heavily in innovation and new concepts that add new and additional value to existing services and products for farmers and the industry in general.


Chemicals for prevention, pest and disease control and growth regulators.


Phytosanitary products for pest and disease control, derived from natural sources (plant extracts, insects, and minerals, among others). These products are selective for target pests, are compatible with biological control, do not generate resistance, do not leave residues, and are friendly to beneficial insects, pollinators, the environment and humans.


Products for plant nutrition and protection:

Biological pest control

Our goal is to offer farmers solutions to their phytosanitary problems that are effective, integrated and sustainable, and follow GlobalGAP, Rainforest, Organic Production and other export protocols. To this end, we have developed IPM programs that include: