Production Centers

At ANASAC, we are proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it

We have 8 production plants and centers, strategically located in different countries, to generate the wide range of solutions that we sell in different markets and regions, where we are seeking solutions that improve the quality for people, their immediate environment, and their well-being.

Real and concrete contributions

Each of our facilities has a quality control laboratory and standardized processes that guarantee the integrity of our production and products.

We have an active asset maintenance, renewal, and investment plan in place. This enables having modern equipment to provide a rapid response for our markets.

Our team is just as important as the technology, and it is thanks to them that Anasac’s recognized seal of quality is kept.

Lampa, Chile

Crop Protection Plant, dedicated to the formulation and packaging of products for agricultural, home & garden and environmental health.

Lautaro, Chile

Seeds conditioning plant and logistic center, located in the country’s southern region.

Requinoa, Chile

Logistics and distribution center.

Lo Espejo, Chile

Industrial center for finished garden products and green areas, distribution center.

Quillota, Chile

Experimental center and production plant dedicated to the mass rearing of biological pest controllers.

La Reina, Chile

Production center to develop hygiene and disinfection products for the medical, industrial and domestic markets.

Melchor Romero, Argentina

Phytosanitary plant, dedicated to product formulation and packaging for the agricultural, industrial and finished garden products and green areas.

Longyou, China

Crop Protection Plant, dedicated to product formulation and packaging.