Home and garden / Environmental Health

We take care of urban areas, domestic life, and people's immediate surroundings.

We are the main allies of home store chains, as well as environmental professionals, such as gardeners, landscapers, pest control companies and end users, providing them with advice and good services, both through their own stores and through large distributors. Through our business lines Anasac Garden, Anasac Control and Pets, we offer a wide portfolio of solutions for every need.


We have a complete variety of alternatives for the creation, upkeep and care of gardens and green areas, be these residential, public squares and spaces, cemeteries, sports fields and grass production.

Products and services for garden and green areas:


We have a wide variety of solutions to control all types of urban pests, even at a domestic level. For professionals, we offer a complete portfolio and support for pest control and sanitation/disinfection in industries, grain storage, public health and production facilities.

Products and services for pest control:


We offer a complete line of pet care products. 

Products and services for pet care: