About us

We provide sustainable and innovative solutions, that promote development and wellbeing

Crop Protection, Seeds, Veterinary Care, Home & Garden, Environmental Health, Pets, Hygiene & Disinfection, Medication

We are a Chilean company with over 75 years’ experience, whose leadership has been recognized in the field of agriculture. With a major presence across the region, we stand out thanks to the high quality of our products, our innovation, and the close relationship we have with our customers.

With proven operating capacity, both in Chile and across Latin America, China, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, we have successfully embraced global challenges such as food safety and continuous productivity improvement, positioning ourselves as a key strategic partner for the future challenges of all those using our products and services.

We have also succeeded in building trust through respect and support for local communities, caring for both those who use our solutions and for the environment.

Book – Anasac at 70

History of the Company and Chilean Agriculture.

This is a historical review of technological advances in agriculture and the company’s contribution, first in Chile and then abroad. Founded at the end of the 1940s from a shortcoming seen by the National Society of Agriculture (SNA), we have grown into a visionary company, with professionalism, power and a real vocation to improve agricultural productivity and the wellbeing of farmers.

Libro verde ANASAC

Promoting a better future


Customer Orientation

Your success is my success
We have built a stable, mutually beneficial relationship based on trust and respect.


We strive for excellence
We look to do things correctly from start to finish to stand out and overcome any problems in our way. What we deliver reflects what we are.


We evolve to excel
We are open to change, to generate innovative solutions that make a difference from those on the market today.


Together we are more
We work together to reach our goals because we are sure that, in that way, we will achieve much more than through our individual efforts.